Surprised if they made this mt nba 2k21

That I wouldnt be surprised if they made this mt nba 2k21 upcoming years city irl. I think they see several other teams recycling the design but shifting colors (Miamis actually extending the vice thing and’m not whining lol). Idk but anything is better that last seasons baby blue with all the giant emblem on front. Our initial two city flag ones were firing however.

I like it, I get the style of font deffo seen it used on tourist merch lol, as said the red must be the normal Bull’s red, but an awesome job.If its PC hook up me.

But in case you’re just gonna use this jersey privately, rather than reveal it to the general public, DM me, I will send you the download link today. :-RRB- I am honestly not a fan about the first layout, but it looks great in red.I feel these are very dope, people saying it is too like Cleveland but in the event that you simply used the Bulls red that 2k has autosaved I’m sure it’d look great also.

I sort of feel as whoever bought the game ought to buy nba 2k21 mt qualify for a refund… Ordinarily once you buy sports games all the offseason moves are done ahead of the games launch.

I truly want to request a refund, I am pretty certain I havent used it for 2 hours, but I doubt that they will offer me my voucher back.There is user created rosters which are pretty legit, it’s more so the whole experience, I know all other platforms have the city variant jerseys and upgraded courts.

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