That can relate to wow classic gold

I am very much just an old school player that can relate to wow classic gold a number of these things and actually I can barely relate to any of the retail comparisons you create. If anything it just makes me happy my PC couldn’t manage Cataclysm. Especially in a healing course that, while fairly laid back, did have one of those very impacts in WoW Classic even if people didn’t wish to acknowledge. I will never forget that 1 time that my guild needed to go into ICC with 7 healers instead of the typical 4 because I was absent for this particular raid. And it still makes me feel good to know I was really worth 4 healers.

Hope they can stick with their guns with this, it could honestly turn their sub count and player support around. I am tired of the private server scene, retail wow arena and virtually all the other skip fires that have erupted recently within distinct regions of gaming. I truly hope WoW Classic can rekindle that expiring light within many.

Oh boy have I been looking forward to this video. I used to play enhance and resto shaman back in vanilla, but it was such a hazzle in regards to equipment and raid spots (I just played resto since I had been forced to if I wished to raid AND to make matters worse that the buy wow classic gold tier sets support resto, not enrich – except for t2,5), I’m pretty certain it is not what I’m likely to play in WoW Classic. This despite shaman without a doubt being my chief”identity” in WoW. But the more research I do, the more classes I want to perform. . !!! And today when I see that the super bizarre feral druid (dps) manuals and fury warrior tanks. . in naxx!? Perhaps it ends up enrich shaman can be a top dps class as well as all!? xD

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