That’s the way we’re running this organization

Browns coach Freddie Kitchens has a stern warning for his assistant coaches: Keep your mouths shut Womens Odell Beckham Jersey , or lose your job.Kitchens said today that if any of his assistant coaches ever leak information about the team to the media, he’ll fire them.“The days of inside information and the days of unnamed sources and stuff like that have ended. So you’re not going to get information like that, ever. Anybody. And if I ever see it, they’re fired. Immediately. That’s the way we’re running this organization,” Kitchens said.Kitchens said that after he was asked a question about recent criticism from former Browns assistant Bob Wylie Odell Beckham Browns Jersey , who said the Browns should have kept Gregg Williams as head coach, rather than hiring Kitchens. But Wylie wasn’t an unnamed source; he put his name behind that opinion and stated it publicly.The Browns have had their share of embarrassing stories from unnamed sources, but the primary reason for that is that the Browns have been the worst team in the NFL over the last couple decades. If Kitchens wins, that will speak for itself, and it won’t much matter what anyone says about him Denzel Ward Jersey White , on or off the record. The “touch pass” version of the Jet Sweep has been abundant in college football for a few years now, and can be seen making its way into the NFL:Plays like this are an easy way to get a speedy player the ball on the run, and they go into the box score as a an easy completion for your quarterback.Against the Baltimore Ravens, the Browns ran a play action pass off of this look, utilizing the same pre-snap motion to pull the Ravens’ secondary apart before throwing it deep. QB Baker Mayfield faked the touch pass to RB Duke Johnson who came in motion Baker Mayfield Jersey White , and threw to a wide-open Jarvis Landry who was streaking down the seam as a part of a 4 verts concept.But this particular fake was nothing I’ve ever seen before: Baker actually tossed the ball…to himself. Here’s a look at the play:It’s no coincidence that Baker recreated a Brett Favre photo for draft day, as these kinds of ad-libbed fakes are straight out of the Favre playbook. Hopefully we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creative Mayfield ball fakes because they are fun, creative, and they seem to be effective as well.

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