The Impact Of Rapid Splitter Work Efficiency

The use of Rapid Splitter greatly improves the work efficiency of the industry, but if it can be used better in use, it can actually improve performance.
1. According to the length and caliber of the wood, it usually starts to operate at a suitable length during processing. If the wood is too long, we need to process it in sections. It is not that the shorter the better. If Too short wood will cause collisions between the log sections at both ends, and the more collisions will damage the end of the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the proper length, minimize the impact of logs between the Rapid Splitter, and ensure the number of end impacts.
2. To improve the efficiency of the Rapid Splitter, it is necessary to ensure the dry humidity of the wood, and also pay attention to seasonal issues that will also affect the efficiency of wood peeling.
3. Reduce the depth of the slice and increase the number of cut marks to improve the efficiency of the Rapid Splitter.
4. The sharpness of the knives should be high, keep the balance performance, adjust the feeding speed appropriately, and avoid losing the balance between the blades.
In summary, to improve the high-efficiency work of Log Splitter  products, you must not only learn to use the equipment correctly, but also master the dry and wet conditions of the raw material wood products. If the wood is wet, it will definitely affect the work efficiency, so use Be sure to check the wood before.

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