The Intelligent Development Direction Of Corn Thresher

The design of the Corn Thresher due to the depression of the national economy has led to the development of the corn peeling machine. Due to the limited processing equipment and development capabilities, the development of the corn peeling machine has certain limitations, but with the industry With the improvement of the level, the development of corn peeling machines is becoming more and more advanced, and it is constantly developing in the direction of convenience and intelligence.
(1) Feeding part: The feeding part is composed of a feeding hopper and a feeding port. The corn cob is put into the body from the feeding part.
(2) Peeling part: The peeling part plays an important role in the corn peeling machine, which mainly includes peeling sticks, indenters, guide plates, etc. The corn on the cob is peeled by using the friction with the peeling stick through the indenter, and the peeled corn on the cob is discharged out of the body from the tail end.
(3) Frame part: The frame is an important component structure in the corn peeling machine and plays an important role in the peeling machine. It bears the main gravity, load and moment of the peeling machine. When designing the frame, it is necessary to strengthen its strength design and to have higher stability. The design of the frame material should use thicker angle iron.
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