The item in question will either be Fortnite Items

The item in question will either be Fortnite Items a Battle Star–that amounts your Battle Pass up by an individual tier–or a Banner–which may be utilized as a profile icon–depending on how many weekly sets of challenges you finish. If you complete five weeks’ worth of missions, you’ll be able to get the former. But first, you’ll need to find it.

Providentially, the loading screen you get for completing the Week 5 Snowfall challenge will point you in the right direction. As you can see below, the screen features Trog–among those skins introduced into Fortnite in Season 7–using a tea party within a snowy cave. However, you’ll be able to spot a Battle Star over the hut in the background if you have a look in the top left corner corner of this picture.

The cave can be found in the southwestern portion of the map, in buy fortnite traps quadrant B9 involving Hamlet and Frosty Flights. Glide into the area at the start of a game and you’ll discover a hole leading to the aforementioned cave. Enter it, and you’ll spot the Battle Star exactly where it was teased: atop the wooden hut. Use the stairs to reach the roof and collect the Battle Star to degree up your Battle Pass by one tier.

You will first have to complete five months’ challenges and unlock the corresponding loading screen before the item will show up in the match, which means that you won’t be able to just go to the right location and collect it in case you haven’t put in the necessary work. If you need more help finding the Fight Star, you are able to watch it gather in the movie above to see exactly where it’s located.

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