The one thing it has going Albion online gold for it is

The one thing it has going Albion online gold for it is a good armor shred, but many groups are going to have Curse and wont need the bow shred that frees up a bow player to utilize the greater kit bows. Bear in mind, just because someone in Red Army uses something does not make it good. So far as the ability shot on Warbow is concerned, remember that the majority of people who match now a days have employed some kind of ability shot in their lifetime. Its not a new mechanic. TBH most bow users will use Warbow and/or an Artifact bow but I chose not to mention in my very first post since this movie is geared towards new players which may not have easy access to artifacts.

It brings nothing to set content and except for when face tanking mobs it does nothing for solo . Ambush is a far superior damage/survivability spell which is exactly what a bow utilizes wants. When paired with Assassins, Merc is a just a level 10% damage reduction with a lackluster spell.I did take into account in the amount of players the movie is tuned to however you need to remember that many people come to Albion have played a similar game at some point. All information is far better than half suitable information.

As a player since alpha 2, I feel these builds are dreadful, except the fire team assemble. Albion requires a lot of time, and choosing these builds to start off rather than considering the end game use of these is detrimental in Albion. I understand that you stated they are not the most optimal, but getting starting gear right for your purpose you wish to do the most in Albion online is crutial. By way of example, if you want to be a front liner with a wide sword for hell bent and gvgs and also you can’t afford fancy equipment just like a sarcophagus shield or a stalker jacket, the best build is going to be knight boots, guardian helm, an assassin coat, broadsword, and regular shield.

Plate gives the most wellbeing, and protector helm provides you a 1000k buy Albion online gold cure should you strike all 5 team mates. And knight boots gives your group mates a defense. Assassin coat provides you the maximum increased damage percentage of any leather armor for passive extra harm. The longer you level your equipment, the stronger it gets. If you fuck this up at the beginning and use all your knowledge points on useless shit, you are going to regret it afterwards as it takes 3x as long to degree firearms without them. Meanwhile, people like me will be beating one of the fuck down because we know exactly what we’re doing and have tested our builds out for two decades already. I recommend taking a look at popular assembles on Albions own equipment builder around the Albion site and seeing what gamers have voted are the best meta builds.



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