The resentment of Goodell in Anthem Boosting

”The resentment of Goodell in Anthem Boosting New England is tied to the four-game suspension he handed Tom Brady for DeflateGate, the culmination of a 544-day witch hunt over accusations of the use of partially deflated Madden NFLs in the AFC Championship in Jan. 2015.After the Patriots’ e-from-behind victory over the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl, Goodell had to give a congratulatory speech that was drowned out by boos.

Much was made of the awkwardness of the situation and Cleveland Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas said Goodell “scurried off the stage like a rat,” but it was ultimately an anticlimactic and run-of-the-mill trophy presentation.Still, Goodell hasn’t visited New England in over two years. The last time he visited Gillette Stadium for a game was the AFC Divisional Round in Jan. 2015 — two weeks before the DeflateGate game.

During the Patriots’ most recent Super Bowl run, Goodell twice opted to visit a Falcons game instead.But he may not be able to avoid the Patriots much longer. Super Bowl champions usually host the first game of the Buy Anthem Items regular season and that likely means he’ll have to go to New England for one of the NFL’s annual marquee events.A fifth Super Bowl victory in the Bill Belichick and Brady era evidently wasn’t enough to put the ill will toward Goodell to rest, though.

The missioner is still very much unwele at Gillette Stadium. A new Georgia law will allow concealed handguns at tailgates -Georgia’s House Bill 280, the state’s “campus carry” gun bill, was signed by Gov.

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