The two games required to Fortnite Items

Update: Wow, somehow Epic has really come out with a full ranking list, despite this championship being just four matches long, becoming cut short because of lag, and nobody winning the two games required to Fortnite Items place first. I assume there’s some sort of tiebreaker rules between time or kills or something, but seems somewhat bizarre to declare 50,000 winners when the entire incident had to be shelved because of burnout. This has Kevie1 and NotVivid winning, but who’ve won without horrific lag issues? Strange situation.

How To Really Evaluate A Twist Basket In’Fortnite: Battle Royale’

You will find new challenges for Season 5, Week two in Fortnite: Battle Royale, and among the non-combat challenges isn’t quite as simple as the ones which just ask you to search a product or go to a place.

We’ve got to evaluate baskets in basketball this time around, which is fortnite weapons an activity with some amount of challenge, either in Fortnite or the real world. Let’s get right into it:To start with: you receive the basketball from Tier 11 of this battle pass, which means that you can’t finish this challenge without breaking it first. Therefore, if you are below that, head to finish some Week 1 challenges and you’ll be up there very quickly.

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