These professions can help to speed up your leveling

In most cases, players choose a profession based primarily on their primary goal. In WoW Classic, farming gold is a very difficult task, and when you reach level 40 and level 60, you need to spend a lot of gold to buy a mount, the right profession can help you get enough gold as soon as possible. If your biggest dream is to get to level 60 as soon as possible and participate in challenging team raids, then you can choose the ones that can make good equipment. This guide will introduce you to the specifics of these specialties.

The most suitable leveling profession: TAILORING, BLACKSMITHING, LEATHERWORKING
Players can kill monsters during the leveling process to get a variety of loot, including a variety of different equipment. Usually the quality of these equipment is very poor, can not effectively bring a real improvement to your Classic WOW Gold character, so it is very important to get good new equipment to replace the old goods. In WoW Classic, there are three professions that can make equipment by consuming materials: tailor, blacksmith, and through leatherworking. By working with the right collection profession, these manual profession players can create sophisticated equipment that will keep your character in top shape during the leveling process and improve your leveling efficiency.

It’s worth noting that these conveniences are greatly reduced when you reach full level, because the best equipment that a full-level character can get is basically from a large team raid. Although players can collect some special materials in the team raid and make better equipment than usual, their quality is absolutely inferior to the set parts provided by the final boss.

Some of the most difficult raids require team members to use resistant equipment. For example, Ragnaros’s damage is fire damage, so you must wear fire-resistant equipment to gain enough survivability. The production of such equipment Cheap WOW Classic Gold requires the consumption of special materials collected from the raids, and some high-end raid teams are the main demanders of such equipment. If you need this type of equipment yourself, you can also buy materials at the auction house to produce them. For me, ZZWOW add best site for players getting WoW Classic Gold.

Utility items are a lot less frequent in Classic WoW than they are on Live servers, so while each of the three armour crafting Professions can make something useful, it’s typically one thing. Leatherworking can make armour kits, for example, which add armour or stamina to a piece of gear. These are also bind on equip.

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