They can’t tell if bot or OSRS gold

They can’t tell if bot or OSRS gold not and ban farm because detection poor. They ban macro not acc sharing.Jagex has falsely banned every account I’ve made on OSRS for botting/macro use and because I can not allure the bans & don’t wish to continue making new accounts over and over because of this, they have lost my business a paying member and a longtime player since 2005…

I have are these YouTube videos till they decide to eventually get their shit together and really prohibit the spiders rather than actual players like me.Let’s be honest, I do not think there was any real sick intent giving this bad guy some gold to feed his family. Sure there are different steps that might have been taken so he could transfer money directly but it’s also possible he was not thinking of these steps at the moment.

Let’s not try and paint him as this lousy person who”inderectly supports” these runescape shop items once we do not know all the details of the narrative. I am giving the benefit of the doubt to this man and that I think you should also for helping this bad guy in need out.

Im from Venezuela and been playins OSRS a year and a half, most of the ppl who play the game dont play for feed his household they just sell gp for purchase cellphones, shoes, things like that. . . My first acc got ban few months but with this acc literally could help my family A LOT!!! And I dont repent get hold of it I know is against the jagex principles… Now I got another acc almost max cb and trying to do cox and tob:D… Dont all venezuelans just farm or use bot on plants that are green or revenants simply saying LOL.

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