They started to address this at wow classic gold

They started to address this at wow classic gold Wotlk and while I think they finally went with LFR and catch-up mechanics, re-releasing Naxx as a more accessible entry level raid was one of the better efforts in this field imo.I really feel like I am the one person who liked the Argent tournament, but full disclosure that I took a rest during TBC and arrived back just before Icecrown dropped so it is not like it had been the only raid.The championship was dumb from a lore perspective. We just had this significant invasion happening, we finally made it to ICC and are all set to confront Arthas. Lets forget about it and have a championship!

And the biggest reason why the raid sucked: It was the very first raid which introduced normal/heroic versions on a lockout level (in Ulduar that you opted to play with an experience in normal/heroic and that was it). You had to conduct the raid 4 times each week: 10 man normal & heroic, 25 man normal & heroic. You awakened the raiding when compared with previous raids.Itemization suffered from this as well with normal/heroic models. It was idle.And for me personally the restricted attempts in epic was a shit thing.

You may only have 50 wipes within the whole instance. After that”good bye, return next week”. It made the raids more stressful, since every death wasn’t only a”I fucked up cost us a time lets go again” but it became a”Shit, I just lost us a try, maybe we will not have enough tries left to clean the instance”.From a lore prospective the championship was too picked the group to enter ICC and battle Arthas, you can not simply fight Arthas with a military since he’ll ruin all the mooks and now he has the army, Tirion Fordring knowing that this held the championship to select the elite of the elite to help him shoot down Arthas.

It is activision-blizzard. Activision would have removed the blizzard role by now if the name did not sell better than activision. Their Activision branch earns 2x the buy gold wow classic us revenue that the Blizzard division does (993 mil vs. 461 mil last quarter). You underestimate the amount of knuckle draggers that love Call of Duty.I have played both WoW and Destiny (2 games influenced by Acti.) I will inform you what. . NOTHING CHANGED.IMO Blizzard has gotten lazy without Activision. From the late 90’s early 00’s they cared about their merchandise.

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