This abilities don’t have any real AFK to OSRS gold

This abilities don’t have any real AFK to OSRS gold them and need way to much time to max. How I look at it is they are currently”bad abilities”. RC because it holds no real value to me because I get a vast majority of my runes via bossing or slaying (or the money earned from it) and when it was only set to 99 I wouldn’t even use it.

Ability is a bad ability since there is not much not to AFKing it (Barbarian fishing actually isnt a viable way to level it). Due to this I’m forced to pay attention to Runescape game and run in circles for hours. There is no seeing that the planet or interacting with people.

Various other skills that lack interest: Smithing retains no value because there’s nothing I want at the high rates that I can not only farm or buy of the GE with cash from slaying/bossing. It is also incredibly expensive to level due to the crafted materials being worth very modest compared to the pubs. Mining holds exactly the deficiency of significance because of not needing to smith things. That is two months and he didn’t max.

Fishing requires 120 hours from the time you can barbarian fish. Bossing provides more generally higher and food than what you can. Sharks being among the higher level points to Cheap Runescape gold fish is one of the levels of exp which is not the way it should function. The higher your fishing the you need to grab for EXP.

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