Two Selection Criteria for Stenter

As the important production equipment of the dyeing plant, the stenter is an important factor in ensuring the quality of the printing and dyeing enterprises to reach the standard of quality. As a result, the user’s performance on the tenter setting machine is also getting higher and higher.

So, what criteria should be followed when choosing a stenter? According to the current production situation, first of all, we recommend that energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment be preferred. With the changes in the market and rising labor costs, the domestic printing and dyeing industry continues to adjust the industrial structure, while the demand for environmental protection, energy, and intelligence of printing and dyeing equipment continues to increase.

Under such environmental conditions, many printing and dyeing plants are paying more and more attention to high-performance equipment that can bring high profits, especially stenters that can meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Another criterion is that the stenter equipment chosen should be able to meet the production requirements of high-end products. People have increasingly strict requirements on the quality of textiles, especially some high-end products require more processing, so in order to adapt to the development of the future market, the stenter should be able to meet this requirement.

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