Vegetable Planter Guarantees The Output Of Vegetables

As the saying goes, “the plan of the year lies in spring”, the same is true for the cultivation of vegetables. Planning the vegetable cultivation in the spring is the basis for ensuring the yield of the stubble vegetables. There is also a saying: “Everything is difficult to start”. In the early days of vegetable field production, planting is a difficult problem in the production process. For a long time, the cultivation of vegetables has been manual work, labor intensity, and efficiency is relatively low, the quality of the cultivation is also relatively poor, and can not meet the requirements of the mind. Because the manual operation is not good to maintain the distance between the rows and the plant spacing of the seedlings, it unconsciously deviated from the predetermined trajectory, affecting the quality and yield of vegetables, and also affecting the subsequent management and mechanical harvesting. In order to reduce the labor intensity of vegetable farmers, increase the yield, and ensure the quality and yield of vegetables, you can choose the Vegetable Planter of Zhejiang Hongxiang Agricultural Machinery Equipment.

The planter can not only improve the quality and yield of vegetables, but also can reduce labor intensity, and can accomplish a variety of operations: rotary tillage, ridge, fertilization, plastic film, drip irrigation, soil pressure on the film, spraying, watering , Planting. And the structure is relatively simple, the operation is convenient, the vegetable farmer is easy to control, and it can be used after being connected with the tractor. The plant spacing, line spacing and planting depth can be adjusted according to the needs, and can be operated in a single line or multiple lines at the same time. In addition, the vegetable planting machine is watered at the same time as the seedlings are planted, which guarantees that the planting and watering are in the same position, improves the planting quality of the seedlings, and saves water.

In order to do vegetable cultivation, it is not enough to have a Planting Machine. The planting machine can carry out planting operations with high efficiency on the premise that there is high standard and high quality cultivated land, and there are relatively good quality vegetable seedlings. The requirements are: flat ground, finely divided soil, and deep plough layer. The grass seedlings are required to be regular, the soil is tight, the plant is upright and thick, there is no disease, and the size is suitable, because the oversized seedlings will appear to hurt the seedlings, clip the seedlings, and leak the seedlings, while the small ones will survive The quality is poor, and the seedlings may also be injured during the planting process. Therefore, with a good plant and good seedlings, the vegetable planter can work smoothly.

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