Was considered REQUIRED for Maplestory M Mesos doing Chaos

Was considered REQUIRED for Maplestory M Mesos doing Chaos raids. They assert they removed KR’s microtransactions out of our game, then hide the simple fact that there are a number of items which were outright removed indefinitely. See the’lock stat’ scrolls when re-rolling enchants does not exist? Were you aware identifying keys in KR gives heaps of potions rather than 200 B1 keys? Or you cant create your own potions withotu spending massive quantities of stuff to revive 800 HP? This is the second worst match of Nexon’s I’ve played. ?

I commended this game when it first came out, bought the 100 Founder’s pack and even spent a bit more after that. The housing design, is great, the game’s aesthetics, too great. But finally I realized that battle was very boring, essentially all courses have 1 spammy ability you use all the time, one skill that does BIG harm but has a

longer cooldown, then some rather buff skill. That’s pretty much it. Half of these are USELESS, and life skills in high positions starts to take 2 hours a day, you only grind them for trophies. I could not wait to finish my chores in Maple2 so I could log out and play something fun. I began playing with MHW and had a HUGE blast, battle felt like it mattered, and it was the exact same thing every time. ?

I don’t believe the way RNG is managed and the mill is your issue as MaplestoryM Mesos much as the grind is done. The game has very little incentive for gamers to grind and combat monsters, raids are limited making players grind personalities, along with your stats are on good your fortune is reliant. This can easily be adjusted eliminating tape limits by adding incentive to ordinary monsters, and supplying more system without being so fortune based, to increase your gear. The game in itself plays excellent, and I love the amount of customization we’ve. I will stick with the sport and hope they work on producing the changes that are needed. ?



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