Went home, told my older brother

Went home, told my older brother, we made accounts and old school rs gold we both still play until this day!We both recently started playing again. I am loving it more than ever before. My brother just got his first fire cape last week, he had been so excited when I was speaking to him on discord, he sounded like a little kid again.My friend introduced me into runescape at 2006 (6th grade for me). From 2008 I was the only one with. Then I began making mainly f2p up until around 2012, pk videos or whenever the EoC arrived about. I mostly focused on making ridiculous balances that never got that great since I always wanted to play something different.

It was not until OSRS that I finally made a main that I have been trying really hard to acquire gains on. I’ve played on and off so much through out the years, even today. Account is 111 cb and I am beginning to really feel like I’m half way decent.

After the contentious year we’ve just had, I am keen to see how runescape participant engagement and focus expectations have changed in RuneScape. Back in the day, as I am sure veteran runescape players would agree, we engaged in another way with runescape (less xp/gp a hour concentrated, far more socially concentrated ). I am a couple of accomplishments from being trimmed, but I like spending a great deal of time doing solo pvm, particularly EDs or just reaper tasks. What about you personally? What do you play for today? What’s your favourite part of runescape? Don’t hesitate to both be very general, very specific, or even both!

Sentimentality. The sole reason this match means anything is because I played it when I was younger. So it’s nice to just casually skill and stuff and receive 99s. If I had never played this so much previously, none of this could have some meaning to fastest way to make money osrs mobile me, but since I did, it will. F2P is especially nice right now, lots of stuff to do, and every single non-combat skill is afkable except dungeoneering, which means you may just casually low-effort them while doing different things and eventually get all the non-combat abilities to 99, if you give it enough time. This seems rewarding and I enjoy receiving up my stats. Eventually I’m planning for 99 f2p.

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