Windows 10 is actively used on over a billion devices

Windows 10 Key Code Within two to three years of launch Windows 10 will power a billion devices. That was Microsoft’s original plan which was revealed at the Build conference at the end of April 2015 by Terry Myerson then head of the operating systems division. The plan was far too ambitious and obviously counted on Microsoft’s commitment to selling smartphones. But in this sector it quickly closed down.

To that billion Microsoft also counted on Xboxes cheap Windows 10 Product Key Hololens and various other Windows chassis devices. Even with the consoles Redmondský eventually failed and Hololens is still a purely marginal platform for experimentation. The goal was primarily based on Windows 10 PCs whose ecosystem offers many different shapes and features.

But computers do not change every two years due to high moral life but we also have tablets and smartphones. This market is thus constantly shrinking. These were all known factors at a time when Microsoft set a goal. (Just to be fine Microsoft also offered a free upgrade from older Windows releases.) In the summer of 2016 he himself admitted he had overshooted. For years we have watched Windows 10 expand about a year ago you could find it on more than 825 million devices.

It was only on March 16 2020 that Microsoft could announce that people around the world are already using over one billion Windows 10-based devices – we are still talking about all types of devices. Dozens were originally released at the end of July 2015. It took less than five years for the Redmonds to achieve their goal. They supplemented the fresh notification with the contested statements. In particular with each build of Windows 10 they experience improved customer satisfaction through fixes and new features.

The build expression was probably used in error. Considering only the new major releases we haven’t seen much in recent years because Windows is an adult product. (With one exception see below.) In recent years the company’s approach to testing has also been extensively discussed as service updates bring new and often significant problems beyond the resolved ones every month. Last year Microsoft at least managed to deploy the new major releases of Windows 10 relatively peacefully through careful distribution – in direct contrast to the previous debacle.

Speaking of that even occasionally changing settings are not something that people would absolutely love. However as I have already indicated last year Microsoft started to change things for the better so we can now be relatively satisfied. One exception: if the last few versions of Windows 10 don’t recognize each other people with different handicaps will notice the difference. In this area Microsoft brings improvements every time.

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