WoW Classic launched to immense popularity

World of Warcraft Classic has been plagued with some controversy since launch over an exploit known as ‘layer switching’, and Blizzard has now issued an official statement on the matter, declaring that it’s a much smaller issue than some folks are making out – although countermeasures against it are incoming.

The exploit involves Blizzard’s decision to split World of Warcraft Classic into layers, which is basically multiple copies of the game’s world. The developers used layers in the retro World of Warcraft mode in anticipation of an influx of players, to prevent the game from crashing due to the massive load. The problem lies with the practice of layer switching, which is when players keep moving from one layer to another. This is done by joining a party, as it automatically transfers the player to the layer the group in. Furthermore,You can buy Cheap WOW Classic Mounts at by using the code “5MMO” for a 3% discount.

“Each time a player moves to a new layer, there will be an increasing amount of time before that player can move to another layer. If a player moves between layers multiple times over a short timeframe, the cooldown can increased to a duration of several minutes (or longer) before they can change layers again. The cooldown will then decrease over time for player who don’t change layers.”

To ensure that players aren’t separated from their friends because they’ve been assigned to different layers, joining a party automatically shifts all players to the same layer. However, this means that deliberate “layer-hopping” can be used to gain access to additional resources without having to wait for respawns, allowing for more efficient farming for both experience and rare materials. Blizzard have now responded to the exploits, with developer Pazorax stating that they’ve been monitoring the use of layering, and are planning to implement extra controls – including adding a delay between layer transfers – in order to prevent exploits.

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