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UFO miner’s lamp is actually a flying butterfly-shaped miner’s lamp, with lamps and lanterns there is naturally a power supply.  What about the UFO miner’s lamp power supply and what are its characteristics?  Today, let’s talk about the characteristics of UFO miner’s lamp power supply from the angle of view Led Ufo Lights Manufacturers:

  1. Long service life of 1.UFO miner’s lamp power supply

After practical comparison, it is found that the life of an industrial miner’s lamp can reach 50,000 hours.  However, the life span of an ordinary lamp is usually only 5,000 hours (some domestic lamps have a life span of only 300 hours).  The difference between the two is nearly 10 times.  Although some poor industrial and mining lamps only last 10,000 hours, the difference between the two is still nearly 5 times compared with ordinary lamps.

2.UFO miner’s lamp power is more energy-saving

UFO power supply is an energy-saving product, and the efficiency of driving power supply is higher.  This is especially important for the structure in which UFO miner’s lamp power supply is installed in the lamp.  Because the luminous efficiency of UFO decreases with the rise of UFO temperature, the heat dissipation of UFO is very important.  The efficiency of the power supply is high, its power consumption is small, and the calorific value in the lamp is small, thus reducing the temperature rise of the lamp.  It is more advantageous to delay the light attenuation of UFO.

3.UFO miner’s lamp power supply has high luminous efficiency

The luminous efficiency of industrial miner’s lamp is above 100 lm/W, and will continue to improve in the future.  And it is likely to reach more than 3 times in the future.  Industrial miner’s lamp has high efficiency.  The efficiency of lamps and lanterns mainly refers to the effective light efficiency. Mining lamps emit light at 120 degrees, so all light is effective light.  Although I sometimes feel that the 120-degree luminous angle is a little narrow, it is still enough in most cases.

Moreover, the power efficiency of UFO miner’s lamp is usually as high as 90%, and an 18W miner’s lamp requires 20W input power.  The power factor can also reach above 0.9.  Compared with ordinary lamps, it can save about half of the electricity, that is to say, an 18-watt miner’s lamp can replace a 36-watt ordinary lamp.  These are the characteristics of UFO miner’s lamp power supply!  If you happen to have a need in this area, then choose the Xianguilight Led Flood Light Factory. We are definitely experts in this area and deserve your trust and choice.

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