Indian Beauty, Health Traditions Reborn

When Leah Tejpal, now a skin care specialist at the Paul Labreque East salon/spa in New York City, moved here six years ago, she was hoping to hone her craft by learning cutting-edge beauty treatments. But she quickly found that what her clients really desired were the traditional health and beauty regimens of her homeland — India. From threading (a method of facial hair removal) and aromath... »

Amazing! Drinking Green Tea Factory Has These Effects

According to modern medical research, drinking green tea properly in summer can prevent the following diseases:   First, stroke prevention. According to the research results of foreign medical experts, Green Tea Factory should be often used to prevent stroke in summer. A team of researchers in the Netherlands conducted a 25 year study on 552 subjects and found that drinking green tea can prev... »

Introduction To Corn Thresher Application

During the transportation of Seed Planter, it is necessary to upgrade the header and the straw returning device to the transportation state, and pay attention to the width of the road and the condition of the road surface. When the tractor starts, engages power, turns, and reverses, honking the horn first, observe the front, rear, left, and right conditions of the unit, and remind redundant staff ... »

Test Of The Strength Of Industrial Bolt Factory Products

The strength of stainless steel screws is very important. We must test the strength of stainless steel screws when buying stainless steel screws. Do you know what are the strength test methods of stainless steel screws? Today Industrial Bolt Factory introduces you to the strength test method of stainless steel screws. Torsion test: The torsion force of a product shows its ability to resist being t... »

Introduction Of Led Flood Light Factory Spray

Led Ufo Lights Manufacturers generally street light poles are made of steel or aluminum materials. Because steel and aluminum are easily corroded and rusted, the surface of street light poles must be sprayed. Plastic spraying is the electrostatic powder spray coating we often talk about. The plastic particles will melt into a dense layer of final protective coating with different effects. The trea... »

How To Install Black Diamond Petrol Log Splitter

I believe that when many merchants need Black Diamond petrol Log Splitter, they will pay special attention to its quality. However, different types of equipment must have different installation methods. Everyone must do a good job in the overall confirmation work. Careless installation of such a device may cause the device to not operate normally, so we must also clarify how to install and handle ... »

Know Side Effects of Drinking Too Much China Tea Suppliers

China Tea Suppliers has recently gained a lot of popularity. It has significant benefits for body detox that lead to weight loss. Most people are switching to drinking green tea through the day to feel fresh and light. Green tea has high amounts of antioxidants, amino acids and other enzymes.   However, there are a few myths about the benefits of Green Tea. This tea has antioxidants that help... »

Introduction To Seed Planter

The structure of the automatic Corn Thresher: Corn Thresher is mainly composed of rollers, concave plates, screens, fans, feeding hoppers, seed slides, spiral guide rods, etc. It adopts an axial flow threshing device that feeds the cob at the end of the shaft tangentially. The process flow: the ears of corn enter the drum through the feeding hopper and are threshed under the impact of the high-spe... »

Led Street Light Factory Applications

100w outdoor slim led floodlight is mainly used for road lighting, such as main roads, secondary roads, branch roads, factories, schools, gardens, urban squares, courtyards, etc.; general street lights cover 20W~200W, and small street lights are mostly used on rural roads. Combining the characteristics of rural roads, it can not only save energy, but also meet lighting requirements. Highways gener... »

What Are The Problems In The Seed Planter Industry

At present, there are still many problems in the research and application of China’s Seed Planter that need to be resolved: agricultural machinery research is out of touch with China’s agricultural production needs, and cannot meet the real needs of domestic agricultural production; there is no relevant research system of its own, and a large number of plagiarism and imitating foreign ... »