Pros & Captains predictions for Madden 21

The desertion of home rules as soon as they told us it was likely to become an every other week occurrence and then literally axed it. It had been the most enjoyable game style imo and anyone could participate and snag some rewards. It might have def given us some thing to do for the next two months. I wouldn’t have played them anyways until they left the rewards reasonable for the number of wins. Expecting us to play with about one hundred matches in a two day period was ridiculous and never played out of Madden 21 coins demonstration if they did possess them. It was perfect last year. 10 wins in a row was demanding, but possible. Afterward, they shifted it. Their logic is totally flawed. Positive feedback is given by the community, and the app is killed by them entirely. This company has gone.

They did tone it down though. But that shit was so fucking dumb. They behave like everyone is no lifer or a YouTuber! Not every HR required to be a NFL100 player. Instead we were stuck together with 7hrs worth of games for two tokens in wtv promo was going on. Right? They might have had a HR to get RP and like every 10 wins gets a 93 or you a token or whatever. They could have done a very cool one for Fan App. Idk understand why they ditched it. Bro this past year was fire for NMS you could actually do it. Everyone should have a chance to be aggressive not only money spenders.

You are incorrect, but that is not one of the top 10 defects in Madden 21. IF they would have stuck to this (even loosely) it might give more people a reason to play. Cheese is not too bad or toned down, shorter games rewards that are fantastic. And also to fill into. I believe big time dropped the ball on this manner. Shit was programmed. I agree, but stating this is Madden 21s largest flaw is a massive stretch. I didn’t actually need to touch bc that has been hashed and rehashed.

It should not even have been difficult for them to do this, honestly. If they had a hard time they could have discovered plenty here with this sub. I hate H2H, but even I played House Rules. I remember getting that Gronk and believing it. Nevertheless, there were bigger flaws. But the majority of these would have required a lot more work to fix than that. Right? They could select someone with the best idea on the sub floor, even a competition. Winner gets a 99 OVR team to complete the house rules with.

One of the greatest complaints about House Rules this year was that the rewards were trash considering the time that has been involved. Even with that thought, OP and I agree it was the most fun mode that is H2H. Games were (usually) brief and the cooldown guaranteed that opponents (and me) would not run the very same plays over and over again. House Rules has been the area for just against opponents, although both Seasons and WL have consequences if you lose games. I really don’t understand why it had been so hard for EA to stick their word and supply it 2 weeks. You know I’d have been satisfied w. It would provide you something. It could take weekend league’s place one weekend.Pros & Captains predictions for buy Madden nfl 21 coins

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